Incident Response | self-paced, induction style learning

induction style, short burst, self-paced training
incident response & evidence preservation


imagine the return on investment if all incident evidence was identified & preserved on the day

short burst, induction style training that overcomes the barriers of keeping all frontline staff trained
on what to do if they find themselves on-site at the time of an incident or accident.  

It can take days or weeks for trained investigators to be on-site, this course trains all frontline staff on how to
identify, record and preserve evidence. So the experts have all they need to complete the causal analysis.

This package has lots of downloads and check-lists including a self-interview template for witness statements,
providing a structure for people to record their witness statements on the day,
before their memory fades and the facts get confused by causal speculation and gossip.

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    • Witness Statements (6 lessons)
    • Incident Tool-box (1 lesson)
    • Site Walk-down (1 lesson)
    • 4P Evidence Collection (5 lessons)
    • Response Sequence (2 lesson)
    • Guilty Evidence (1 lesson)

Deploy this training via your own branded learning management hub, via scheduled email's for mobile learning or download to your own in-house LMS via SCORM, AICC, Blackboard or Tin Can API integrated dispatch package.

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