Set-up Your Private Learning Management Hub

| Custom Hub Branding  |

    • All learning management hubs include:
        • 6 Incident Response training courses (16 lessons)
        • Private branded learning hub (your logo & domain name)
        • Templates, downloads and checklists
    • The 6 Incident Response training courses are:
        • Witness Statements (6 lessons)
        • Incident Tool-box (1 lesson)
        • Site Walk-down (1 lesson)
        • 4P Evidence Collection (5 lessons)
        • Response Sequence (2 lesson)
        • Guilty Evidence (1 lesson)

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 | Standard Pricing  |


Business Hub (up to 80 employees) US$500pa ($50pm)

Corporate Hub (up to 2,000 employees) US$1,000pa ($95pm)

Enterprise Hub (more than 2,000 employees) US$2,000pa ($180pm)

NOTE: the Business, Corporate and Enterprise Hub's do not allow on-selling or distribution of training courses outside your organisation.
to on-sell or share our courses, please contact us for wholesale pricing


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Business Hub - US$500.00pa
up to 80 employees

Corporate Hub - US$1,000pa
up to 2,000 employees

Enterprise Hub - US$2,000pa
over 2,000 employees

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